CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals
CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals

Our Value Proposition

Canyon Consulting is a unique provider of consulting services to assist clients in software licensing compliance.   While our primary focus is IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle we have licensing capabilities across all major publishers.   Our consultants provide thought leadership on rapidly changing licensing terms and conditions, vendor licensing audit tactics, licensing gap risk analysis, cost remediation and audit settlement negotiations.    The collective experiences of our consultants help our clients prepare for and respond to vendor software licensing audits. 


Ongoing changes to vendor licensing terms and conditions as well as changes in your company’s IT environment (ex. increased deployment of virtual servers) create increased exposure and liabilities associated with software licensing agreements.    The resulting licensing gaps and associated penalties assessed by vendor audit teams result in substantial unexpected and unbudgeted costs.  Canyon Consulting’s mission is to keep our clients ahead of the curve to support your company’s changing business requirements and strategies, while minimizing software costs, audit findings, and effectively managing business risk. 




Canyon Consulting had developed methodologies for two service lines to assist clients preparing for or responding to a vendor software licensing audit. It is not uncommon for us to be engaged with a client with 2 or 3 vendor licensing audit requests taking place simultaneously. Addressing these audit requests is challenging for IT executives because they have limited experience in licensing audits and their internal resources are tasked with running the servers and applications to keep the business operational.


1) Software Licensing Pre-Audit Services-  guide client through our internal audit methodology, identifying gaps between software license entitlements (contracts) and software licensed deployments (installs).  Determine financial risk of any gaps and provide recommendations for remediation PRIOR to any official audit.  


2) Software Licensing Audit Defense- assist client response teams with our product knowledge, vendor licensing knowledge, understanding of complex vendor contracts and product metrics, and our internal audit repositories. Our team complements a client's audit response team with our wealth of software audit experience.





Successful negotiations are achieved when there is a clear understanding of the objectives of the person sitting across the table. Canyon Consulting brings 25 years of vendor sales and channel tactics to each negotiation. As former sales executives, we have seen every objection and have worked with vendor pricers to counter those objections.  We now bring that experience to your side of the table to assist with your procurement opportunity.   


We specialize in guiding clients through project definition, ROI analysis, vendor selection, price negotiations, and asset procurement.  Furthermore, we assist clients in the negotiations of post-warranty maintenance support, which is often an overlooked aspect of procurement, and in fact, probably the biggest driver of profit for your vendor.  Our strategy is dependent on early entry into project discussions, when the knowledge and insight that we provide can be most effective. Many times, the vendors will attempt to guide a company’s decision making process down a path that best fits their needs and channel strategy.  Canyon Consulting provides the experience and guidance to navigate through a procurement opportunity to best meet YOUR objectives.  Do not let vendors guide you to the contract following their rules and engagement practices.

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