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CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals

Pre-Audit Software Licensing Assessment

Companies need to be pro-active in getting prepared for a software licensing audit. Every major software vendor has grown their audit practices, and with each audit engagement, their audit teams gain more experience and fine tune their methodology. 


The Canyon Consulting Pre-Audit service line is designed it assist clients with the steps required to ensure software licensing compliance. As part of this engagement, we aim to educate your IT team with the education on each software vendors licensing terms and conditions. More mportantly, we look to identify any gaps between how your software licenses are deployed compared with your actual software license contracts (entitlements). More often than not, there is a disconnect between the two. 


The goal of this engagement is to identify financial risk to your company, and provide an opportunity for remediation.


Highlights of the Pre-Audit Licensing Assessment:


  • Designed to give corporations insight into SW licensing compliance PRIOR to an official audit.


  • Canyon’s audit methodology, based on real life software audit techniques, gives clients exposure to the detailed questions and data requests an official audit team will ask.


  • Comparisons of current licensing versus actual deployment identifies gaps in software licensing.


  • Education and Explanation of vendor licensing T&Cs will be be provided (ex. IBM Subcapacity).


  • Our knowledge base contains real life examples of how our clients fell out of compliance. Strategic initiatives such as virtualization, LPAR, server consolidation are implemented, often without any consideration for the terms and conditions in software license agreements.


  • Software Vendor audit teams, and their partners (ex. Deloitte & KPMG) have tremendous experience finding licensing issues; client response teams are typically unprepared, inexperienced, and overmatched.  


  • Canyon Consulting’s software licensing audit experience levels the playing field


  • Deliverable is a financial assessment for the CIO / CFO on exposure a company faces in the event of an official software audit. Optionally, we can help proactively resolve this exposure through improved licensing negotiations. We work through a plan with your team to remediate any exposure uncovered.  
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