CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals
CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals


Receiving an official software licensing audit notification is inevitable for most companies. Our experience has shown that some of our larger clients are going through two or three software licensing audits simultaneously. The Canyon Consulting Audit Defense offering is designed to guide clients through the licensing audit process, and educate the team on the implications of audit related data as it compares to your licensing agreements. 


Our experience has shown that the vendor audit teams and their "independent" partners do make mistakes, and those audit teams do not necessarily understand the complexities of the software products and how they are licensed. Unfortunately, neither do most client teams. By partnering with an experience firm like Canyon Consulting, your team will instantly gain software licensing audit experience that is looking out for your best interests.


Highlights of the Software Licensing Audit Defense:


  • Designed to give corporations experienced professionals trained in defending against a vendor software audit, complementing internal audit defense team.


  • Audit guidance on how to respond to requests for information, data pulls, screen shots etc. Clients unknowingly provide damaging information increasing their financial exposure.


  • Where appropriate, remediation recommendations have been provided prior to official audit response, lowering financial risk.


  • Canyon Consultings resources are trained in latest licensing techniques, software product changes, licensing metrics, and annual changes in software agreements. Client IT staff typically does not have time to comprehend changes and licensing nuances.


  • Canyon’s experience provides an understanding of complex licensing calculations, software product evolution roadmap, and historical database of other client situations.


  • We proactively engage vendor software audit teams, we develop strategies to defend a clients position, often refute claims of the software audit findings, and help negotiate a final settlement.
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