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CANYON CONSULTING INC. Vendor Management and Software Licensing Audit Professionals

Licensing Optimization

Canyon Consulting has developed a unique process to optimize the software renewal process, mitigate licensing and audit risks, while supporting client business objectives.   


A key objective of implementing this optimization process is to acheive a lower cost maintenance renewal that still addresses your needs.   Each optimization product draws on our expertise for each publisher including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. For example, during the annual IBM PPA Renewal process, there are usually several ways to reduce the cost of IBM support, and these reductions can often be substantial. Savings can also be realized between renewals.


Licensing Optimization includes full reviews of software deployments and licensing twice a year, once in conjunction with the annual renewal process and a second full review at the 6 month mark.  Some parameters are also checked quarterly as part of the requirement for quarterly audit reports.


Canyon will determine whether all products licensed are actually in use and if licensed products are providing the intended business value.We will also identify areas in which software gaps have been generated through changes in product usage since the last review.


Canyon will make recommendations to reduce exposure and costs based on unused licenses or licensing gaps; We will determine optimal licensing metrics, identify lower cost substitutions and help negotiate renewal contracts based your usage data and our knowledge of currently available products, experience regarding appropriate time periods for renewal, understanding of changes in terms and conditions for vendor licensing agreements, and awareness of market trends and new product development.

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