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ILMT Services

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a contractual requirement when deploying IBM PassPort Advantage software in a virtual environment.    It is one of the requirements as defined in the IBM Sub-Capacity terms and conditions, as defined by IBM.    While ILMT is currently a fee software tool available from IBM, getting it up and running can be a challenge, and keeping it up and running is even more challenging.  

There are two main business reasons for deploying ILMT:

·         Maintain compliance with IBM sub-capacity and PVU licensing terms

·         Track IBM PVU-based software inventory

ILMT should be part of every organizations SAM practices.

​Our expertise around ILMT is based on a successful implementation of the ILMT host server and the agents required on any virtual servers hosting IBM PPA software.    Agent reporting is a critical part of the process, and analyzing the data from the ILMT reporting console takes knowledgeable and experienced resources.

Reconciling the PVU calculations, being able to identify and exclude bundled products that are showing up in the ILMT data, and being able to extract IBM software that might be reporting but may not be required to track due to unique terms and conditions is an art that Canyon Consulting resources have developed across many engagements.   


Our goal is to enable our clients to minimize their IBM software licensing costs by maximizing the use of IBM SubCapacity terms and conditions.     Our core competencies:   

·         Quickstart Installation Services – host and agent installation, skills transfer, and reporting

·         ILMT Report Generation – ensure clients ILMT reporting console is operational, and review of data for accuracy of server hardware and software deployments by virtual server

·         Baseline Reconciliation – create initial baseline comparing PPA contracts compared to software deployed

·         Quarterly ILMT Management – provide ongoing support for ILMT tool operations as well as reconciliation of quarterly ILMT 

Canyon Consulting has a broad range of experiences implementing and supporting ILMT across a wide range of clients.    

·         Installation, Process Documentation, and ILMT Quarterly Report Generation

·         Understanding ILMT data and the complexity of IBM bundling as it relates to ILMT reports

·         Deep experience on IBM software licensing T&CS, by product, and how those T&Cs relate to IBM to sub-capacity pricing

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